Harry meets nagini fanfiction

Author's Note : Hey, this is just a plot bunny that came into my head just a little bit ago and I really hope you like it! Please review! Disclaimer: Don't own anyone - really, I don't. I just like to use them!

No need to sue I would never misuse them! Her eyes landed on the current Head Boy. He turned around, giving her a very annoyed look. Her eyes widened a bit, feigning innocence, despite the fact that she was the one who threw the bit of parchment.

Tom Riddle reached his hand in his bag and threw her a black 2 quill. She grinned in response and went back to her note taking. She was always a studious girl, keeping up with notes, spending hours in the library and practicing in empty classrooms. It was something to do… she wasn't very social. Not many of the girls considered her to be 'one of the girls'; she was more the hermit bookworm, but she only read what she really needed to.

She didn't rely on books for happiness like some bookworms such as Tom Riddle did. He spent more time in the library than she did and yet he still had friends. Nagini didn't think she had a problem.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Harry at the Order (HD)

Maybe she was a bit anti-social, but if someone were to speak to her, she could talk. She did have a mouth and a brain to do so. He asked out Bulstrode! It was hilarious, I thought she was going to beat him to pieces or her brother… but she said yes! I would hate to see their children…". Nagini rolled her eyes as she walked past the gossiping girls and headed to the library to study for the NEWT's exams. Entering the library, Nagini's eyes scanned the room for an empty table, but every table was occupied by at least one person.

She strode over to her usual table, which was normally empty. However, now it was being used by the Head Boy. She was going to tell him to go find a different table, but since he had given her a quill in class, she let him sit. Also, if she did tell off the Head Boy for sitting at her table which he should have known it was her table because he spent just as much time in the library as she did! She plopped her books down on the table, making a loud slapping noise against the wood that echoed around the walls.

Wincing a bit, Nagini sat across from Tom. She had ' Accioed' one after class so she didn't need his anymore. Blue eyes peered at her from over a Dark Arts book. Nagini swallowed nervously.

That was actually the most that he had ever said to her in seven years. Maybe it was the Head Boys job to know? The raven haired boy gave a low chuckle.

Nagini wondered if that was a rhetorical question, but she answered anyway. Maybe he didn't want her to see what he was reading.Nagini was different from common snakes. She was a magical beast and way bigger than any other snake. There was no creature in the forest she had to fear. She was also more intelligent than any natural breed. As an example, she knew not only who wizards and witches were. She was aware that some of them could speak Parseltongue, the common language of all snakes.

However, she had never expected to meet a Parselmouth. She lifted her head and turned it mechanically. Her tongue slipped out to take a sniff. Her behavior unsettled the wizard obviously because he cried, "I warn you! I got a wand and I'll use it!

harry meets nagini fanfiction

Nagini couldn't even remember the last time she had communicated with a sentient being! She hurried to exclaim, "Snakes never hurt a Parselmouth! Nagini hissed positively.

Her tongue slipped out of her mouth to smell how young he really was. She slithered a bit closer to get a better look at him. She could sense the warmth of his body but her eyes were not very useful in the almost darkness of the nightly forest. She would have liked to take a closer look at him but he remained a gray silhouette. She was really curious what he looked like.

Nagini loved colors. Especially blue! She loved to lie under a blue sky and soak up the warmth of the sun She did stop but not because of the threat. This wizard was no danger to her well-being.

Harry stared open-mouthed at her. Then he remembered his manners and responded in stride, "Nice to meet you too. I would never eat a human. There are creatures who are more than just flesh. Like unicorns! Once you eat one of those you lose something of yourself. Something very precious. Humans are like unicorns to me. Harry stared at her for a while. Then, he shook his head like he wanted to get rid of some pest in his unruly hair.

His wand was leveled at the ground. I'm kind of lost. She moved freely through a terrain that was full of obstacles for any other creature.Summary: Young Harry Potter was your average normal young boy living your average normal childish life.

He was unfortunately, too average and too normal. Struggling to prove his worth under the shameful cloud of being a squib, Harry forges a dark, dangerous friendship with the only person who seems to understand him. A huddled figure sat on the top of the stairs, pale hands clutching the carved bars of the elegant wood railing.

Bright, luminous green eyes shone in the dim light as he strained to hear the voices filtering from the living room just below. It doesn't make any sense! Just because he's not what we expected him to be shouldn't make him any less. The sharp sound of flesh against flesh erupted like a gunshot.

The small child stifled a gasp as his eyes widened, tiny hands reflexively gripping the bars. A beautiful baby boy who doesn't need to be gifted with magic to make him special.

You, as his father, should know this! The slender woman, her wildfire hair blazing in the candlelight, turned her back to her husband. James sighed, running an agitated hand through his unruly black locks of hair, hair identical to Harry's.

Harry James Potter, the very child who was the focus of such a heated argument, bit his lower lip as he scrambled up to his feet. He dashed into his bedroom, softly closing the door to not alert his parents that he was awake.

Leaning back against the heavy oaken door, he surveyed his room with eyes that held too much wisdom, too much pain, to belong to a fragile five year old boy.

His parents' words kept echoing in his head as he struggled with his feelings. Harry knew his father and mother could do magic. There were such as things as spells and potions and spectacular creatures that most none magical people, or muggles, just could not see or do.

Harry wasn't able to do magic. Harry wasn't allowed to touch anything to do with potion making. Not because he wasn't magical. It was because he was a squib. A child born to two magical parents, but with no magic to call his own. Harry sometimes wondered if it would have been better to live with muggles, never knowing about magic, never realizing what he was lacking.

With a soft sigh, he trudged towards his bay window, crawling up onto the soft pillows and curled up. With mournful eyes, he gazed out into the world from his window, wishing for something better. Something magical. Harry scrubbed at the side of his face before returning his attentions to the garden bed.

Crouched on his knees, surrounded by blossoms, sunlight, and butterflies, the child seemed to have stepped straight out of a fairy tale. Small, slender, with large emerald eyes that dominated his face, Harry seemed to be kissed by the Fae, so soft and gentle was his appearance in the bright summer sun. He grunted as he worked a troublesome weed out, setting it neatly aside before continuing his work. Harry knew he didn't have to do weeding. He knew that his mother could simply spell the weeds away or get a house elf to do the task.

But Harry genuinely enjoyed gardening. He looked forward to days spent out in the sun, amid the soothing sounds of nature. And if the success of a riotous bed of blossoms and flowers in the back yard permitted, they very much enjoyed the attention lavished on them by the child. With a little murmur of delight, Harry leaned back to admire his work.

Ivory white cala lilies bloomed before him, their petals velvet soft to the touch. This flower was perhaps Harry's favorite.Authors note: Harry and Nagini where she is human animagus.

This is going to be silly as hell, I warn you. The first two chapters of this story was written years before Fantastic Beasts II came out and we found out that Nagini in fact was a human woman all along, though rather a 'Maledictus' than an Animagus.

However, for the purposes of this story, the Maledictus curse was reversed somehow by Voldemort so that she can transform back at will to her human form but her memory and maturity suffer as a result. More details of this later, though for now, Harry just thinks she is an Animagus, not a maledictus. Strange things happened in the final battle at Hogwarts. So strange, in fact, that several people were left traumatized and without a sense of order or purpose anymore. He couldn't understand how his two best friends could shack up and start screwing right in the middle of the battle when they were supposed to be helping him destroy Horcruxes.

Did they think making love in the Chamber of Secrets where he had almost died six years ago was some kind of homage to him? Was he missing something here? Hermione said they used CPR but he wasn't sure he believed them. Why would muggle resuscitation methods work? Also who the hell called the Muggle ambulance to resuscitate Voldemort too? Did the Death Eaters see his side revive him using muggle methods and then decide to play copycat?

Harry was seriously pissed off at Hermione, even if she had saved his life. Harry was further confused why Neville had opted NOT to kill the last remaining Horcruxe Nagini and finally make sure the annoying bugger couldn't come back to life, Muggle ambulance or not.

Honestly, he had just left one task to Neville, kill the snake, and Neville had failed even that. Perhaps he would have been better leaving the task up to a squash, for all the help Neville was. So now, instead of enjoying being born again, Harry was left tracking down the snake with the purposes of killing her himself. It didn't help his mood that instead of staying and fighting, when the final battle had ended, Voldemort had been taken away on a gurney to a muggle hospital.

Didn't these muggles know he was just going to kill him when he woke up? But the muggles told him it was against hospital policy for visitors to kill patients so he had to leave without causing a scene. He just knew that as soon as Voldemort got up he was going to get away, probably to live in exile in Cuba with Castro.

Then because of the embargo it would be very hard to get Voldemort there. NATO would be all after him. Harry Potter swore under his breathe as he lit the ruined Hogwarts grounds with his wand and tried to find the spot the famous snake Nagini had slithered off to. He was successfully following the slither marks where the large snake must've been rolling on her belly when the tracks abruptly stoppedAnd here we are again, and with a new story to boot! To those of you whom have been reading my first story, yes this is that vicious plot-bunny that attacked me.

Now, as the heading states this is indeed a Harry Potter fanfic, and yes you saw right people Nagini is one of the main characters, and will play a very important role. Just to let you know ahead of time I changed the timeline a little for Nagini's past As far as I know I am the first to attempt such for any decent length story, and I plan in this one being That does not mean I will update this every other month That being said, if you like this story then please say so, constructive criticism is also a vital part of improving a story's quality As for flames You waste your time ranting to someone who will just end up being amused at your attempt to start a fight on the internet Now then, on the the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything belonging to the Harry Potter book series. However, I DO own this fanfiction story. It was a calm night in Little Whinging Up above, the night sky was finally losing the vibrant hue of the sunset, giving way to the soothing curtain of night with clear skies High above, the moon sat among its starry companions keeping a constant vigilance over the world below until the sun would come to release it of its duty.

Its soft rays fell upon the perfectly normal neighborhood, seeming to bless the occupants within For he was the sole being within this quiet neighborhood that was most certainly not normal For what felt like the thousandth time tonight, Harry let out a sigh.

harry meets nagini fanfiction

Of course he was exaggerating I'm actually keeping track of how many times I sigh As he peered enviously at the moon, he recalled that it was just barely into his second week of summer 'vacation'Dark figure was moving towards a house in a village. On reaching upon the door he blasted it with a flick of his wand.

harry meets nagini fanfiction

Man of the house started screaming to his wife to take the children and run but before he could do anything he was stuck with a stunner, mother ran towards the nursery but was met by the same fate. Far away from that place one pair of green eyes was seeing the whole thing with heavy heart.

harry meets nagini fanfiction

I can't allow that to happen. It will kill the last shards of humanity clinging to your already less than half soul. As soon as door of the nursery went open one of the two boys started crying pathetically but other looked curious "Oo r you" "you are speaking". At that boy gave a small pout "U ar shpeakin too". Instead of his usual anger man felt amused.

I am lord Voldemort. Sudden warmth filled his heart which is definitely a rare occurrence to him. He wanted to talk more to the child but at the same time an old man with ridiculously large beard entered and hit the man's back with a green curse.

A rueful smiled graced his features "Now, now child that settles it all you are the one who will be the dark and your brother "Edward Lillian Potter" will be one of light. I would have to see that darkness in you will get succumbed, all for greater good, of course.

Unbeknownst to both of them a pair of green eyes saw that. Being living Horcrux the owner of these eyes had felt the warmth the person felt few minutes ago and swear to protect the child, swear that she will not allow the making of new lord Voldemort. Few days ago on his 8th birthday something unusual happen.

There appeared on his right arm a tattoo of Raven and Badger and on his left arm tattoo of Snake and Lion, Symbols of houses of Hogwarts. With that appeared a letter of urgency from Gringotts. Send with a dragon. He had burnt the letter on his way. Thank goodness they speak parsel tongue otherwise how I would have known. Concerned child was well a lot nervous and deep in his own thoughts. This place doesn't hold much pleasant memories for him and having photogenic memory always doesn't serve as a gift.

A child barely 3 years old was beaten by his ex-father. He was falsely accused for breaking his ex-brother's toys and was punished to stay outside in a chilled night. No one cared for him. No one loved him. He was dark.

He was evil.In all honesty, they are horrible and you'd be wasting your time. They are full of poor characterization, writing, and many, many Mary-Sues. Besides, they're unfinished pieces of fanfiction. It's not worth it! If you want to tell me you liked it then fine, thank you. I only leave them up because it's a part of my history as a writer and I like to be able to go back and look at my past, even though it was horrible.

Please, don't ask if you can continue my stories. I don't want anyone adopting them, or writing on. For one? They might be awful, overused Mary Sues, but they're my awful, overused Mary Sues and I'm very attached to them.

For another thing? My stories are for all that I whine about how terrible they are still very near and dear to my heart. I'm sorry if you're attached to the story and want resolution. If you need it so badly, then use your imagination. I'm sorry to disappoint. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Nagini Crimson hide bio. Sort: Category. The Cupboard by enahma reviews After Sirius's death, Harry is sinking into depression. And then, he receives a detention which leads to a shocking revelation.

Will he be able to stop sinking deeper?


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